5 tips to keep your Summer Glow

Many of us feel so much better in the summer months, more time outdoors, sunshine and warmer temperatures leave us feeling happier and give us that 'summer glow'. With the end of Summer rapidly approaching, now is the time to take steps to prolong that summer glow, and keep that wonderful summer feeling for a little bit longer.
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Taking care of your skin is just as much about what you put into your body, as what you put onto it. Here are five tips to maintain a summer glow, and keep the relaxed, carefree vibe from summer.
1. Hydrate
Probably the most important step. The sun will have dried our skin out through the summer, and then cold air, dry winds and central heating will dry it out even more over the winter months. Drinking 2 litres of water a day keeps your skin fresh and hydrated all year round.
2. Work it out

We're naturally more active in summer, the better weather makes us more inclined to be outdoors, going for long walks or bike rides. Exercise will keep your circulation working which in turn helps to keep your skin glowing. Working out also eases stresses and boosts feel good hormones, leaving you happier, and more relaxed.

Corinne Taylor wellness blog, natural skincare, summer glow, lifestyle, wellbeing,

3. Eat your vitamins
To keep your skin glowing, and you feeling tip top, you really do need to focus on what you are eating. Avoid refined sugar and include good fats, vegetables, berries and good quality protein.
Choose more foods full of vitamins, A, C, Omega 3, copper and zinc, and include foods such as beans, legumes, and pulses to meet your protein needs.
4. Exfoliate
Regular exfoliating keeps your skin looking its best - it sloughs away dead skin, and leaves it feeling super soft.Using a body scrub also boosts the circulation giving your whole body an energy lift.  Our Himalayan Salt Scrubs are made with raw, mineral rich Himalayan Salt, combined with organic Coconut, Hemp and Sweet Almond Oils along with vitamin E and organic essential oils. The combination of the fine ground Salt and cold pressed organic oils polishes skin and removes dead skin cells, resulting in brighter and softer skin. 
Corinne Taylor wellness blog, natural skincare, summer glow, lifestyle, wellbeing,
5. Massage your skin
Massaging your skin can keep circulation moving, release tension and help activitate muscle tissue. Using a rich body oil when you give yourself a massage also helps to nourish and hydrate the skin. Our Nourish Body Oil is made ith a blend of vitamin rich, cold pressed organic Hemp, Safflower & Jojoba Oils which absorb quickly into skin, leaving you feeling soft, silky and glowing.