5 ways to practice self love in 2021

As I’m sure you can agree, 2020 was an absolute whirlwind of a year, one which took a huge toll on our minds and wellbeing. 
While we’re living in these uncertain times, it’s important, now more than ever, that we prioritize how we feel within and to love ourselves more consciously. 
Here are 5 nourishing acts of self-love that can be applied to the year ahead. 
Meditation is a hugely beneficial tool for the mind, one which supports and nourishes the headspace. Not only does it allow us to connect to ourselves on a much deeper level, but it can also help us to manage our thoughts and feelings from a place of clarity, helping us to feel more balanced within. I don’t know about you, but I think we could all really do with some of that round about now! 
Whether you know a little about meditation or nothing at all, that's absolutely fine. Meditation is available to everyone, and we are all capable of receiving its benefits.
Whether you practice some simple breathing exercises in the morning or create an in depth hour long ritual of an evening, that’s up to you. That’s the beauty of meditation. There is no right or wrong and you are free to create a routine that suits you best. 
If you think this is something that you’d like to try, here’s a little ‘Box breathing’ exercise to help get you started.  
You can also incorporate essential oils into your practice to help create focus and calm, and also spend some time creating the perfect meditation space. Here are some useful tips from experts on the subject, including our founder Corinne!
Have a social media free day
Social media is one of those bitter sweet things. It's incredible in the way that it allows us to connect and discover on such a wider scale, however, it can be very easy to get negatively consumed within it's madness. 
Ironic isn't it? We're more connected than we have ever been, but there's something about the online world that's leaving us more disconnected from ourselves than ever before. 
So, with that being said, why not challenge yourself to break the addiction? 
Organise a day for yourself, one that's full of self love and mindfulness. Put your phone away and use your time to reconnect with who you are. Embrace your day without the distractions of notification bings and choose to be present with your actions. Make the conscious effort to truly spend time with yourself. 
Maybe you could go for a calming walk in nature, meditate or lose yourself in a book? You could even spend your time journaling or having an evening bubble bath while soaking to your favourite music. Whatever you choose, you’ll feel so good for nourishing your mind and body! 
It's amazing the difference it can make when we actively choose to take a step back. 
Put affirmations to the test
Practicing positive self-talk is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves as people. As we become what we consume, we must remain mindful about what information we’re feeding our precious heads! 
Whether we realise it or not, we have a continuous conversation going on with ourselves, running in the back of our minds. Most of the time, this conversation can sadly be filled with anxious or worrisome thoughts, all of which can have an impact on our self-esteem. 
A way of breaking this cycle is to implement positive affirmations into our daily routines. These are uplifting reinforcements which have the power to change our habitual way of thinking, switching our thought patterns from negative to positive! They really can make all the difference.
Whether you're in the shower, making a coffee or out on the school run, there's always time to put affirmations to practice. Here are some examples for you!
I am beautiful. I am courageous. I am free. I am proud of myself. I am absolutely magnificent. I am capable. I am fearless. 
Why not give them a go? If we tell ourselves something enough, we start to believe it, so let’s make our inner conversation a positive one! 
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Prioritizing your YOU time

 In order to take good care of our mind and wellbeing, we must learn how to regularly set aside time to nurture ourselves. 

 The world we live in can be a very fast-paced and distracting place, so taking the time to really slow down while being more conscious about how we feel within is key.

 A great way of doing this is to make your bath or shower time more of a conscious ritual, rather than rushing the experience. This goes for all acts of self love!

 You could use your favorite bubbles, play a relaxing playlist, or even use some of our natural candles as a way of winding down amongst a mixture of pleasant aromas. 

 Choosing to be more present with these moments while making them extra meaningful, gives the body a chance to recharge and recenter. (Definitely, something we could all do with right now, don't you think?!)

Corinne Taylor Aromatherapy, wellbeing blog, self care, natural, soy candles, ethical, cruelty free, vegan, self love


 There's something about getting your thoughts out of your head and on to paper that can really help to give a sense of clarity. It's so easy for us to get caught up in our own minds, that we can sometimes drive ourselves a bit nuts if we don't have any sort of outlet. 

 Whenever you have a spare moment, take some time out of your day to express how you're feeling through writing. It'll give you an excuse to buy yourself a beautiful diary! 

 The act of journaling may be simple, but it can be a very beneficial way of decluttering the headspace. It can also help us to understand ourselves on a deeper level, because so many patterns and clues can end up on the page!

 Use it as a time to empty your mind and reflect

Happy self loving!