Aromatherapy and Yoga - ways to blend the two

In recent years, the benefits of yoga have become more widely known. A regular practice offers so many benefits - both mental and physical. 

Physically, it improves flexibility, builds strength, improves balance and joint health, improves your breathing and can ease and prevent back pain. There are so many benefits for your mental health also - such as reducing stress, fostering mental calmness, boosting self-confidence, and improving sleep.

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Yoga and aromatherapy go hand in hand in benefiting the body, mind, and spirit. Used together you can create a powerful practice that will leave you grounded, revitalised and feeling alive.

You can tailor the aromatherapy products you use in your yoga practice to how you want to feel. Choosing products that will relax and calm you, ease stress or anxiety or uplift you and clear your mind.

Here are some of our favourite products that are perfect to use as part of your yoga practice.

100% natural, certified cruelty free and vegan body oil by Corinne Taylor

Spritz the room

Use a room spray before you start your practice to freshen the air and lift the mood. You could also use the spray to gently scent your yoga mat.

Try our Recharge Room Spray to rejuvenate the mind and refresh your space.

Light a candle

Burning a candle whilst practicing yoga can give you a beautiful place to place your focus on whilst practicing yoga. Choosing an aromatherapy candle can also help you set the tone for your practice, letting you breathe in the aroma and feel the benefits of the oils. 

Choose our Inner Peace Soy Candle to to bring in relaxation, tranquillity and calm.

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Use a body oil

If your yoga practice is a calming one, then you could incorporate an aromatherapy body oil into it. Rub it into your hands, arms and legs and incorporate a little massage and self-love into your yoga.

Our Nourish Body Oil will balance and calm you, and help you relax.

Spray your face

Using an aromatherapy face spray will leave you feeling cool and refreshed in the midst of your practice, whilst giving you the wonderful benefits of the essential oils.

Try our Herb Water Face & Body Mist for a skin refresher and an uplifting scent.