Spring Self Care Rituals

Happy Spring Equinox! Finally, winter is behind us - the days are getting longer, the sun is starting to come out - there are flowers blooming and the birds are chirping early in the morning.
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After the cold, dark days of winter the return of Spring is always a welcome sight. Seeing the world come back to life and a new season beginning, this is a great time to turn inwards, and do a little spring clean of yourself.
With the seasons shifting from Winter to Spring, you might feel a little off balance. Winter is a time of turning inwards and slowing down, so making a change to the growth and higher energy of spring can be a little overwhelming. Remember that nature blooms little by little, not all at once.
Here are some self care rituals to welcome in spring and invite in this new season:
 Walking Meditation
This is a wonderful way to reconnect with nature as it comes back to life, whilst creating some space for you. Every step you take is a chance to be mindful and awaken your senses. Listen to the sounds around you, feel the the sensations in your body and the breeze touching your skin, inhale the fresh air and scents of Spring. As you stroll in nature allow yourself to be fully present, in mind and body.
Enjoy a spiritual bath
Spring is the time for a fresh start, so why not wash away the old energy from yourself to cleanse your body and mind? Cleanse your space with our Spirit Room & Linen Mist, light some candles and soak in an aromatherapy bath to centre and relax yourself.
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Spring Clean your home
Spend a little time clearing your home of the dust and clutter of winter. Clear away the rubbish, wash throws, cushion covers, and rugs. Open the windows and let the fresh air fill the rooms and welcome in the Spring energy.
Get journaling
Spend some time journaling to clear your head of all the thoughts swirling inside it. Journal your thoughts on the past season, your hopes and dreams for Spring, how you feel, what you are grateful for and what you would like to change.
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Plant some flowers
Whether you have a huge garden or none at all, you can still harness the Spring energy of new life and plant some seeds. Whether you grow a garden full of flowers and veggies, or just some herbs on your kitchen windowsill. There is something very therapeutic about getting your hands covered in soil.
Give your diet a Spring Clean
In the cold of winter, we all crave comfort food. With the return of the Sunshine it is a good time to give your diet an overhaul. Add in more fruit and veggies, drink more water, avoid the heavy, comfort foods of winter and opt for lighter meals.
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