6 tips to kickstart your Vegan Journey

November marks World Vegan Month. Veganism is a movement that is quickly growing and becoming more and more mainstream. Almost everywhere offers vegan options now, with everything from vegan burgers to vegan cakes and chocolate easily found.
What is a Vegan?
Vegans don't eat any animal products - no meat, fish, eggs, dairy, honey or anything that derives from an animal. Being vegan can be more than just about what you choose to eat, it also encompasses choosing vegan and cruelty free cosmetics, personal care, clothing and home products.
The Corinne Taylor Wellness Blog, World Vegan Month, plant based, vegan
Why go Vegan?
There are lots of reasons to go vegan {asides from the delicious food!}. Every individual vegan can save the lives of around 200 animals per year, not counting animals that are killed as by-products of the dairy industry. Raising animals for meat or dairy uses a lot of water - it takes 72% more water to raise cows for milk than it does to produce soya beans. By ditching meat, you can lower your carbon footprint by up to 73%. Scientists agree that plant-based foods have a smaller carbon footprint than animal equivalents.
You don't have to become fully vegan to feel the benefits of a more plant based diet either, little changes can add up to make a big difference.
How to get started?
If you are new to veganism, whether you want to jump right in, join in for the month, or are wanting to introduce more plant based foods and products into your life, it can feel a little daunting knowing where to begin. Here are six top tips from us to get you started:The Corinne Taylor Wellness Blog, world vegan month, plant based diet, vegan
Choose a plant milk
One of the easiest places to start is to switch dairy milk for a dairy free option. Not only are plant based milks better for the environment, they are also much healthier. There are so many to choose from - soya, oat, rice, almond, coconut, cashew. It's worth trying a few until you find the perfect one for you - we love Oatly Barista, especially in coffee! 
Veganise your favourite meal
Whether that's lasagne, curry or chilli con carne, it can be veganised! You can find meat substitutes in all supermarkets now, lentils, beans and tofu work really well and are packed full of protein. Having familiar food can help make the transition easier.
Discover accidental vegan items
There are so many foods that are accidentally vegan - from Oreo's to Jus Rol Pastries, Betty Crocker cake mixes to dark chocolate. You'll be surprised to discover just how many mainstream foods you can still eat!
The Corinne Taylor Wellness Blog, world vegan month, plant based, vegan
Seek inspiration
Making changes to your diet can be overwhelming. Find a good vegan cookbook, and some accounts to follow on Instagram for vegan recipes and meal ideas. Making sure you understand what makes up a healthy vegan diet is vital. We love the healthy plant based recipes from Deliciously Ella and Madeleine Shaw. 
Try vegan versions of your staples
You don't have to miss out on items like yogurt and mayonnaise - vegan versions of both, and other staples can be found in all supermarkets now, and are often much nicer than the original versions! We love Nush cream cheese which is made from Almonds.
 Don't stop at food
Veganism isn't just about what you choose to eat. It also extends to what you wear and the products that you use. Switch your cleaning items to a brand such as Ecover, investigate Glow Organics for natural beauty products and don't forget that all of our products are 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free.