How to beat the January blues

January isn't the happiest of months, and last Monday was Blue Monday - officially the most depressing day of the year. It is a time of year that many of us find hard - the short days, grey skies, cold weather and sometimes endless days of rain leave us feeling tired and lethargic. 
If you find yourself feeling low and lacking in energy at this time of year, remember you are not alone. While a few days wrapped in a duvet watching TV won't hurt - putting a few good practices in place will ensure that you are happy and healthy all winter long.
1. Get outdoors
While it might be tempting to stay inside where it is warm and cosy, getting outdoors really does give your mood a boost. Natural sunlight and fresh air work wonders on lifting your mood. A good long walk on a cold, winters day will make you feel alive and vibrant. The days have been getting a little bit longer each day since the winter solstice meaning there is more time to enjoy the sunlight. 
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2. Be mindful of your diet
The cold weather leaves us craving comfort foods - but make sure that you are reaching for healthy options! Warming stews and soups keep your veg intake up, add some fruit to your morning porridge and opt for a handful of nuts for a snack rather than sugar laden chocolate bars.
3. Daily Movement
Exercise is just as important in the winter, but those early morning runs might not seem as appealing in freezing temperatures. Making a commitment to some daily movement will make a world of difference to your energy and mood. Dust of your yoga mat and make yoga part of your morning routine, try an online exercise class, 5 rhythms dance or a brisk walk or bike ride. 
The Corinne Taylor Wellness Blog, winter wellbeing tips, winter self care
4. Stay connected
It's easy to hibernate in the winter, and not see as many people. That can often lower your mood, make you feel lonely and isolated. Staying connected with friends and family really does keep your mood lifted! Say yes to those party invites, call a friend for a long chat on the phone or meet a loved one for a coffee.
5. Slow down
Make your home into your haven - these cold, dark nights are perfect for cosying up with a blanket, a hot drink and getting plenty of rest. 
Winter can be a chance to nurture yourself, slow down and rest. It's about being intentional, not fighting your natural instinct to want to hibernate right now, but putting practices in place to support yourself.The Corinne Taylor Wellness Blog, Love Room & Linen Mist, Aromatherapy, winter wellbeing
6. Use Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy can be a wonderful tool to support your mood any time of year, but especially right now in these dark, cold winter months. Many essential oils are uplifting and invigorating. Light some scented candles , use our Love room mist to change the energy of your space, take a long soak in an aromatherapy bath to recharge and seek comfort with our Nourish Body Oil.