Five tips to turn your home into a sanctuary this Autumn

The long, sunny Summer days are behind us and Autumn is here, bringing with it colder, shorter days. It's the time of year when we begin to spend more time indoors again, and perhaps after the summer our homes are feeling a little neglected.
Our homes should feel warm and welcoming, a space to step away from the business of our days and relax -  a sanctuary of our own that we can escape to. 
Here are a few simple tips to help you turn your home into a sanctuary this Autumn.
Clear away the clutter
If you're trying to relax and de-stress - a house full of clutter is not going to help. Clutter can make you feel overwhelmed and anxious - it's hard to relax when you can see piles of mess all around you.
Taking a day to clear your home of clutter will have a huge impact on the atmosphere in your home. Put away the piles of stuff laying around, pick up the rubbish, give your wardrobe an organise and clear the coffee table.
Let in the light
Darker evenings, and less sunshine can really take their toll on our mood. Choosing the correct lighting can not only change the feel of a space, but also boost your mood.
Avoid harsh, bright lighting and instead opt for natural light, or warm lights. Position mirrors opposite windows to reflect more light into a room, switch overhead lighting for table lamps, add fairy lights around the mirror. Try using some aromatherapy candles to create a cosy atmosphere whilst bringing in a calming scent. 
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Ramp up the comfort
Comfort is key in creating a sanctuary. Think blankets, cushions and soft rugs. Switch out cotton cushion covers for velvet or chunky knits, add wool or fleece blankets on sofas and across the ends of beds. Use fluffy towels, a plush bathrobe and some cosy slippers to add to the sanctuary vibe. Choose high quality linens and comfortable furniture to make your home cosy and inviting.
Add in some colour
As Summer fades, bring your own warmth into your house with rich hues. Think vibrant greens, warm chocolates and bold heathers. Use textiles to bring in the Autumn colours - through blankets and throws, cushions and towels. They are a fantastic way of quickly adding pops of colour to your home.
Bring a touch of nature
We all know how much better we feel when we spend time outdoors. Time in nature does wonders for our mental health. When you're spending more time indoors than outdoors, why not bring a little of nature into your home? Think botanical prints on the walls, herbs growing on your kitchen windowsill, a few houseplants dotted about and some fresh flowers on the coffee table. Plants can help improve air quality, and have also been show to reduce stress levels.
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