Ingredient Spotlight - Matcha Green Tea Powder

You may have heard of Matcha Green Tea for drinking, but its also an incredible skincare ingredient!  We wanted to share with you just what is so special about this wonderful ingredient and how we use it in our products. 
What is Matcha Green Tea Powder? 
Matcha is a nutrient rich type of Green Tea that is made by taking young green tea leaves and grinding them into a powder. What makes Matcha leaves so special is that they are grown on green tea bushes that are kept under shade. 
The amount of chlorophyll content and amino acids in the leaves increases significantly by shading, making them extremely nutrient rich with a vibrant green colour.  The leaves are then picked by hand and traditionally ground by granite stones into a super fine powder. Even the grinding process is done in the dark to protect the nutrients. 
Corinne Taylor Wellbeing blog - Matcha Green tea powder
Sources and Sustainability 
A typical tea plant that is used to produce matcha can live for a half-century or more, making it one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly food crops in existence. Additionally, Matcha is the only kind of tea that uses the entire leaf, which gives it health benefits and environmental advantages that other varieties of tea do not - by using the whole leaf, matcha requires less waste than other types of tea (which only use part of the leaf). 
Matcha originates in China and is grown in both Japan and China today.  It has been drunk during tea ceremonies for 900 years by Buddhist monks during long days of meditation. 
We use certified  organic Matcha Green Tea powder in our products, which is grown, picked, milled and ground in  Uji Japan, a region high in the hills around Kyoto, renowned for producing the best Japanese teas. Our supplier works with farmers who use the traditional methods to dry the Matcha leaves in shade to retain maximum nutritional content and the vibrant green colour. 
Health benefits & uses
Matcha Green Tea is one of the most nutrient dense foods available and adding it into your diet can provide a whole host of health benefits. As it is in powder form you can add it easily into juices, smoothies and deserts. To brew it for tea you would whisk it with hot water (not boiling) and you can add a plant based milk to make a tasty and nutritious Matcha latte. 
Matcha Green Tea is packed full of powerful antioxidants, approximately 135% more than regular Green Tea! These help to prevent ageing and chronic illness as well as maintaining vitality. It is also a natural detoxifier and is rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals and  chlorophyll. Matcha Green Tea has a calming effect on the mind and body and is known to aid in concentration and naturally enhance mood. 
Corinne Taylor Lifestyle Blog - Matcha Green Tea Benefits skincare and wellbeing
Skincare benefits 
The benefits of Matcha Green Tea are not just to be enjoyed internally, it also has incredible benefits for the skin which is why we use it in some of our products! Matcha is packed full of  chlorophyll, a powerful detoxifier which helps to  fight free radicals and environmental toxins that have been absorbed by our skin. Its incredible amount of antioxidants brighten the complexion and soothe inflammation and redness, making it an ideal remedy for acne and rosacea. Matcha is also known to increase skin elasticity and reduce the signs of ageing. 
You can find Matcha Green Tea Powder in our Glow Face Mask and our Detox Himalayan Salt Scrub
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