8 Simple Summer Self-Care Tips

Summer is here and lockdown restrictions have eased off - it's time to enjoy ourselves, make the most of the {hopefully} good weather and catch up with friends and family.
After the stressful year that we have all had, it's totally understandable if you find yourself feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed with everything returning to normal.
Here are eight ways to add in some self-care this summer, and ensure that you are feeling your best.
Practice Yoga Outdoors
Yoga is a great, fun way to get your blood pumping and release those happy endorphins. Working outdoors means that you also benefit from the sunshine and some fresh air, both of which will revitalise you. 
With the longer days of summer, a yoga practice at either sunrise or sunset can feel really special, and either set you up for a fantastic day, or help you to unwind at the end of one.
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Set your phone down, turn of your notifications and be present in the moment. Social Media can be fun, but we all need a break from it at times.
Challenge yourself to at least one day a week totally unplugged. Plan a fun or quiet day, without checking in on what others are doing, or feeling the need to share every moment of your day.
Go for a hike 
Relieve stress and enjoy the sunshine, an early morning walk by yourself can be a meditative way to start the day.
Walking is a calming activity, especially through the summer months, you could use the time to listen to your favourite music, or an inspiring podcast.
Make a Smoothie
Smoothies are a fantastic way to enjoy seasonal fruit and veg, and to give yourself a huge shot of goodness.
Whip up a fresh berry smoothie, full of the goodness and taste of summer. Add a handful of greens for some extra nutrients.
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Drink all the water
Challenge yourself to drink eight glasses a day. Our bodies need water, especially when the weather is hot. 
If you find it hard to drink enough, try a few added extras like lemon or lime slices, or make some flavoured ice cubes to add some flavour to your water!
Take time to breathe
Pausing to take a few deep breaths can help to momentarily destress you, and help you manage anxiety.
If you are not sure where to start, or if you get easily distracted, you could try a guided meditation video on YouTube. Apps like Headspace are also really helpful for this.
Watch the sunrise
Enjoy the beautiful start to the day, listen to the birds singing, let the morning glow awaken you and give thanks for a new day.
As the sun rises, practice mindful breathing, and set your intentions for the day. Let the warmth of the rising sun fill you with peace and hope. 
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Read in the park
There is something that feels really decadent about sitting out in the summer sun, and getting lost in a book!
Give yourself a couple of hours off, grab a blanket and a book, and set yourself up in the sun or under the shade and just relax.