Self-care bath time ritual

Our favourite time of the day, when we can run a hot bath, immerse in the water and create our own sacred space of tranquility. We all have our little routines that help us relax in the bath. We wanted to share our favourite tips and products that help us create a peaceful and revitalising bath bath time experience!

 Set the mood with home fragrance

 Adding in elements such as candles, sage or palo santo, is a wonderful way to diffuse and release energy during your bath. Candles create the perfect environment to soften the senses. Using our natural candles gives off a truly natural fragrance, which not only smell beautiful, but also provide therapeutic benefits when burnt. Our mists can also be used to spray a mix of natural essential oils into the air, like Ylang Ylang & Grapefruit in our Recharge Mist and Rose Geranium & Vanilla in our Love Mist. Begin to light your candles, spray your scents and put on some soft music to set the mood even more. 

100% natural, vegan & cruelty free home fragrance products by Corinne Taylor, made with organic essential oils. 

Draw a warm bath using bath salts

 Start to fill your tub with warm water at a temperature that’s comfortable for you. Drop in your favourite salt-based bath product like our Himalayan bath salts or create your own.

Our Himalayan Bath Salts are made with raw mineral rich salt, coconut oil and organic essential oils that leave the skin beautifully soft. Adding in dry flowers or our organic bath melts can make the experience even more luxurious and calming. Our top tip is to make this bath completely your own, listen to what your body wants, from choosing scents, temperatures and the type of music - whatever relaxes you in the best way!

Let Yourself Soak and Exfoliate

 Immerse into the tub and find your most relaxing position, take a breathe and let yourself be. Connect to all of your senses and the energy around you. Feel the warmth of the water on your skin, scent of the candles burning, or smell the oils. Once you've grounded down, use this time to relax and give your skin a gentle exfoliation. Exfoliating rids the body of dead skin as well as also boosting the circulation - giving your whole body an energy lift. Our collection of Himalayan Salt Scrubs are enriched with organic oils and essential oils that leave your skin soft and nourished. Soak in your bath for as little or long as you feel comfortable.


Whats your favourite bath time ritual? We would love to hear from you!