Plastic Free July - five ways to get invovled at home

Plastic Free July started back in 2011, set up to highlight the issues surrounding plastic and to help people cut down how much plastic they use.
 In the UK alone, we throw away around 295 billion pieces of plastic waste every single year! A lot of this waste is single-use plastics that are not recycled {either because they can't be, or because it gets thrown into the bin, not the recycling bin}.
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 Plastic isn't easily recycled, it takes hundreds of years to break down, and burning it releases dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere. It litters beaches and parks, landfill is overflowing with bags of plastics, so much ends up in our oceans, and it has a huge environmental impact.

Globally, our use of plastics is a huge issue that needs changing.

What can you do to help?

1. Stop using single-use plastics

Instead of plastic straws, water bottles, coffee cups, & carrier bags, look for reusable alternatives. Use bamboo straws, reusable water bottles, and coffee cups, take your own cotton tote bags shopping. 

2. Ditch the excess packaging

Look for foods you can buy loose, or buy wholesale to cut down on food wrapping. Buy loose fruit and veg at your greengrocers or join a local farm shop delivery service. See if you can find a refill shop so you can fill your own jars with dried items. Grow your own salad leaves and herbs for your tea.

3. Switch your beauty products

Look for items that come in recyclable containers {like our Dry Shampoo and Body Powder} or that can be refilled. There are so many amazing plastic free alternatives available now. 

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4. Make your own

Look for things you can make yourself instead of buying in plastic tubs. Hummus, bread, oat milk, soup, potato salad - are all easy to make {and probably cheaper too!}. Making your own cleaning products is straightforward too. There are so many recipes and tutorials to guide you.

5. Say Goodbye to plastic wrapping

Whether it is clingfilm or gift wrap, look for a plastic-free alternative. Use vegan food wraps instead of clingfilm to wrap sandwiches or cover leftovers. Ditch the plastic gift wrap, look for alternatives that are plastic-free or use simple brown paper or newspaper tied with string which also gives a lovely natural look and is a great way to get creative! 

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