Shop small and have an ethical Black Friday

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Whether you love it or hate it Black Friday is here!
Here are our tips to have a more ethical Black Friday weekend.
Shop small 
Unfortunately buying cheap, mass produced products can often mean poor wages and bad working conditions for those at the bottom of the supply chain. It also means burning excessive fossil fuels to ship products from across the globe at lightning speed. 
By supporting a small, local, independent business instead you are supporting hard working individuals who put love and passion into what they do. The discounts may not be as big as the high street retailers but when you buy a quality handmade item we think it is worth every penny.
Be mindful with your buying 
When products are so cheap, we usually care less about them and we are more inclined to throw them away after only a few uses, or forget about them in the back of a cupboard. This throwaway mentality is having a detrimental effect on the planet and our environment.
It is important to be mindful with what we buy. Buy quality over quantity. Buying quality items means they will last longer and we will look after them better and treasure them. It is also important to think before we buy, and decide whether we really need something and how sustainable that item is. 
Recycle and donate unwanted items
Of course there is no harm in wanting to treat yourself to some new clothes or buying a new hoover if your old one has packed in. But instead of just dumping your old items in the bin think about either donating them or recycling.
We can donate old clothes, shoes and accessories to a local homeless centre or to a charity shop. Also going to a local clothes swap event or creating your own with some friends is a great way to pass on unwanted clothes and also get something new for yourself.
Did you know that almost all electrical items with a plug or a battery can be recycled, but only a fraction actually are? You can visit Recycle Now to find your local recycling centre.
rainforest alliance
 This year we are giving our customers 20% off all orders online, to say a big thank you for supporting our small, independent business. Just enter discount code GREEN at the check out. 
We are also giving 5% of all sales over Black Friday weekend to The Rainforest Alliance, a charity that works to save the worlds most bio diverse and threatened Rainforests, and the wildlife and indigenous communities that rely on them.
 I would love to hear your thoughts on Black Friday, do you love it or hate it, and what are your favourite independent and ethical brands?