Ingredient Spotlight - Pink Himalayan Salt

Pink Himalayan Salt is not just used in the kitchen - it is often found in bathing and skincare products too! We wanted to share with you just what is so special about this wonderful ingredient and how we use it in our products.

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What is Pink Himalayan Salt?

Pink Himalayan Salt is mined in the Salt Range mountains in the Punjab region of Pakistan, close to the Himalayan mountains. It gets its pinkish colour from the trace minerals that it contains. It has been mined for hundreds of years and is often used in food as it is rich in essential minerals that are essential for your overall health. This salt is raw, unprocessed and unrefined, which is why it is known to be the purest salt on earth. 

Health benefits

Himalayan Salt is loaded with over 84 different minerals and elements, including potassium, iron, magnesium and calcium. These help maintain the correct PH level in your body, balancing our internal systems as well as aiding our body’s natural detoxification process. 

It can reduce leg cramps, improve cellular energy and help maintain hormonal balance. On top of that it can help improve our mood as well as helping to regulate your sleep cycle. Bathing with the salt is an excellent way to receive these health benefits as the minerals are absorbed through our skin. 

Incorporating Himalayan Salt into your cooking and diet, instead of table or sea salt - which is often refined and susceptible to pollution, is another great way to receive the health benefits from it. 

Himalayan Salt is also known to have a number of benefits for the respiratory system, and according to experts it may help receive symptoms of asthma and allergies. Today there are an abundance of Salt Rooms open where Himalayan Salt Therapy is available. Here you sit and relax in a salt room, so that you can inhale the fine salt particles in the air which will help to reduce inflammation and mucus, and kill bacteria throughout the entire system. 

the corinne taylor wellness blog, skincare, organic, himalayan salts

Skincare benefits

There are plenty of benefits for your skin from using Himalayan salt. It is a fantastic exfoliator - not only does it slough of dead skin cells, but the salt leaves skin feeling extra soft and smooth. It absorbs dirt and toxins and has natural antibacterial properties resulting in fresh and clear skin. The minerals in the salt help maintain the skins natural barrier, supporting hydration and keeping irritants out. Soaking in Himalayan Salts can soothe sensitive and irritated skin, as well as relieve sore muscles.

You can find Himalayan Salts in our Calm, Detox, Aches & Pains, Balance and Recharge Bath Salts, as well as in our Uplift, Soothe and Detox Salt scrubs