What makes Corinne Taylor Dry Shampoo Powder special?

Our Dry Shampoo Powder has become one of the best selling products from our range since we launched it three years ago! We wanted to let you know what really makes this product stand out from the crowd, and give you some useful tips for using it. 
100% natural, certified cruelty free and vegan Dry Shampoo Powder by Corinne Taylor
So what is a dry shampoo, and why would you use it?
With people living such busy lives, we don't always have the time to wash our hair daily and also many people are washing their hair less to give it a break from shampooing. 

Between shampoos sebum can build up, leaving hair looking greasy, dull, lifeless and unclean. Dry shampoos simply absorb the excess oil on the scalp and hair, so that hair has looks freshly washed and has more volume.

Post gym, festivals, travel or simply a quick fix before work, it is the perfect way to refresh your hair, whilst adding body and texture. Some people even use a dry shampoo as a styling product to preserve a hairstyle.

Non Aerosol Formula
Most Dry Shampoo's on the market today come as aerosols. These are made with propellants, like butane, that have an odd odour and leave particles in the air which can cause problems for people with asthma or sensitive noses, as well as the environment. Others contain alcohols, talc, artificial fragrances and other synthetic ingredients. Our Dry Shampoo comes as a loose, natural powder, applied from a simple sifter bottle. 
100% natural ingredients 
Our Dry Shampoo is one of the only ones on the market to be made with only 100% natural ingredients. This makes it safer for your skin, hair and scalp and better for the environment. It contains absolutely no talc, which can be toxic if breathed in or absorbed into the body. It is also free from sls, parabens, synthetic fragrance and colour.
What is contains:
A blend of organic plant powders (Arrowroot & Corn Starch) - These natural powders are light on the scalp so will leave no residue, and as they are absorbent will soak up excess oils and grease from the scalp.
Fullers Earth Powder - This natural clay has antimicrobial properties making it excellent for scalp health, and its oil absorbing properties make it perfect to reduce grease from your hair. It is also dark in colour, so including this darkens the powder helping it to blend better. 
Organic essential oils (Grapefruit, Palmarosa & Clary Sage) - The essential oils in this product provide a beautiful, natural scent and also contain many therapeutic benefits for hair and scalp. 
Sodium Bicarbinate - Has cleansing benefits for the scalp and also helps absorb excess oils from the hair. 
100% natural, certified cruelty free and vegan Dry Shampoo Powder by Corinne Taylor
Certified cruelty free and vegan 
We are committed to providing truly natural, plant based and cruelty free products. Our Dry Shampoo is certified cruelty free with The Leaping Bunny, and is registered with The Vegan Society.  
Eco Friendly Packaging
Our Dry Shampoo is packaged in a sifter tube made from aluminium, which is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet as it can be recycled infinitely. The label is biodegradable and printed with plant based, chemical free inks. The packaging is 100% free from plastic. 
Top tips for using this product 
Switching to a natural, loose powder from a conventional aerosol dry shampoo can take a bit of getting used to, as the application and feel of the product will be different to what you are used to. Here are our top tips for using our Sry Shampoo Powder: 
A little goes a long way - Its good to start with a small amount and work your way up to the amount you need. If you go in with too much straight away it can feel powdery in your hair. 
Experiment with application - There are different ways to apply the product, for example sprinkle directly into roots, or sprinkle into hand first then smooth through roots, or turning your head upside down to apply to the underneath of your hair. There is no right or wrong way, so have a play around and see what works best for you. 
Brush out the excess powder - One of the most of important stages of application is to brush out any excess powder THOROUGHLY after you have massaged it into your scalp. This prevents build up of excess product in your hair, and will leave it looking super fresh and full of volume.